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Mac Productivity Software Review

Why Use Mac Productivity Software

Mac productivity software helps you better organize your busy life and manage your to-do list. Gone are the days of setting up alerts in iCal or writing a list. With organizational software for Mac, you’ll be able to stay on top of all your important tasks. Be sure to visit our learning center for more articles on Mac productivity software.

During the day, many of us are working or doing things at home, and usually we end up with too many to-do items that need to get done either immediately, later that day or tomorrow. Sure, you can handwrite or type out a list, or try and set up your Mac’s iCal to alert you to a task, but what if you leave the list in your car, or your MacBook on the kitchen counter?

That’s where Mac productivity software comes in. The apps allow users to add in their to-do items, such as buy eggs, finish a daily report and so on. From there, the to-dos can be organized and managed by importance, what it’s for (work, personal), due date and much more.

There should also be an option to create a project, where related tasks and to-dos can help to keep you on track. This could be business-related, such as a high-profile new advertising campaign, to something personal, like the planning of a party or wedding.

As we said earlier, our digital lives have blurred between home, personal and work. You may have to buy eggs and milk on the way home, but you also need to make sure you remember to finish your daily report before 5 p.m., or perhaps a homework assignment for college.

Then there’s the Saturday soccer games your son plays in, plus practice during the week, but your boss needs you to pick up office supplies before work tomorrow. It can become overwhelming to remember everything, but the Mac productivity software apps help manage all those to-dos.

Mac Productivity Software: What to Look For

There are several key items that every Mac productivity software app should have. Our top three products, Culture Code’s Things, The OmniGroup’s OmniFocus and Hog Bay Software’s TaskPaper have all these features, and more, making it easy to get your tasks done.

Ease of Use
The best Mac productivity software needs to be easy to use, to the point that users can open the app for the first time and start adding and managing to-do items, without ever cracking open the manual. We recommend peeking into the manual to find the advanced features, but the software shouldn’t require a Ph.D. in computer science.

Schedule and Management Tools
Perhaps the most important features with time and task management software are the schedule and management tools. This is where you type up your to-do lists, then organize and monitor them according to the importance, frequency, type (work, home, etc.), importance, time scheduled and due date.

Sync Options
What good would this type of app be if it couldn’t sync to other devices and apps? The software should be able to sync to apps like iCal and devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via Bonjour or MobileMe. Some of the companies even offer versions of their software optimized for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, though there is an additional cost.

Help & Support
What kind of help and technical support do the apps offer? A user manual, tutorials (either video or text), user forums and a FAQs page will help users to learn the app and also find quick answers. Direct email contact is the best way to get in touch with the company’s tech support team to solve any ongoing problems. There is no phone support available with any of the apps we looked at.

Mac productivity software will help you stay on top of all your to-do lists, both at home and at the office. Never forget a deadline at work, your daughter’s dance recital or to pick up eggs and milk from the store. Personal productivity software for Mac helps take the stress out of organizing your time to get your tasks done.

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